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Let’s Meet the King: Elijah Livesay

Feb. 4 Homecoming King Elijah Livesay was crowned. Livesay shared that winning homecoming King “felt awesome.” He also stated that he was very grateful for this opportunity.

Livesay is an admired senior who plans on attending Walter State next year, and plans on becoming a physical therapists assistant. For these last four years, Livesay has played football for West High, and loves attending the basketball games.

When asked what matters most to him, Livesay shared, “ My faith and family.” Livesay also works at the Manley Christian Athletic center. Livesay also mentions that his dad is the one person who inspires him the most.

There are many traits about himself Livesay would like to share about himself. He not only loves country music, but he also likes to play the guitar. He also remarked, “I believe I am the most approachable person.” One quote Livesay lives by is “Making mistakes is better than faking perfection.”