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Kyle Ross Flies High with One of a Kind Scholarship

By Bailey Metcalf

Cadet Kyle Ross Receiving His Award
Cadet Kyle Ross Receiving His Award

Kyle Ross, a Junior at Morristown West High School, was awarded the Chief of Private Pilots Scholarship, a $20K scholarship that financially aids the cadets chosen to experience an eight-week summer aviation training program at a university. Ross is one of 230 cadets chosen to receive this scholarship globally. Cadets who complete the training are eventually awarded a Private Pilot’s Certification, giving them the knowledge and license to privately fly aircraft. The end goal of this program is to encourage participants to pursue an aviation career with their new license. Ross is honored to receive this award as he expresses, “Receiving this scholarship meant the world to me. I have been wanting to get my PPL (Private Pilot’s License) for a while, but never did anything with that want. This gives me a perfect opportunity to pursue it.”

Ross is also a part of the JROTC program, offered to all students of Morristown West and East High School, and is one of the most active cadets in the program. He continuously participates in as many events as he can, showing off his work ethic to fly closer to achieving his dream of becoming a pilot. Ross gives some credit to the JROTC program, stating, “Being in JROTC has opened up many different lanes for my future of wanting to be a pilot. When I first joined the program, I was not sure what I wanted to do, but after being in for a year, it confirmed my want to be a pilot. Having the possibility of opportunities like this scholarship is one of the main reasons I stay motivated within this program.”

Cadets who are currently enrolled in the JROTC program have the opportunity to be awarded this scholarship. Cadets who qualify must maintain a 3.0 GPA in high school to receive the award. Cadets are expected to be in good standing within their unit, take an Air Force Aviation Aptitude Test, provide the instructor and school endorsements, must have a strong interest in aviation, and a “never-quit” attitude.

Ross has worked hard to receive this amazing scholarship and to pursue his dreams. Looking forward to his future, Ross expresses, “I am extremely excited to be offered this opportunity that only 230 other people in the world get the chance to have yearly.” West High congratulates Kyle Ross for his great achievement.

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