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Kaila Evans Bakes Confectionary

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Junior at Morristown-West, Kaila Evans.
Junior at Morristown-West, Kaila Evans.

Kaila Evans is currently a Junior at Morristown-West. She is recognized by her peers and teachers for her tasty treats. Her favorite subject is English and she is involved in many clubs at West, such as: FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America), DECA(Distributive Education Clubs of America), and Beta. Evans has also competed in the state convention for FBLA and is a representative for National Art Society. Aside from school and being involved in many clubs at Morristown-West, she spends her free time on a well-managed schedule; Evans shares, “I meet with a friend every Tuesday to study for the ACT. Thursday evenings are ‘family nights,’ Fridays and Sundays are spent with my grandparents, but I definitely try to sleep in on Saturdays.” Evans also shares that she has a hobby for baking.

Kaila first started baking when she was around four years old; she would often bake with her mother and grandmother. She describes her early baking experiences, “I would pick out muffin tins, cookie cutters, sprinkles, or anything that didn't involve me touching the oven.” Evans has baked many desserts such as, “muffins, cakes, cupcakes, and attempted to bake the non-traditional recipes of macarons, cake pops, and lemon bars.” The dessert that she bakes the most would be “cakes and cupcakes” and “cupcakes are my favorite thing to bake.” She states, “[Cakes and cupcakes] are taken to hospitals that my mom travels to, church lunches, school functions, and people [that] my dad knows that come to hear him sing in Gatlinburg.”

Junior, Aidan McCauley, enjoys muffins baked by Kaila Evans.
Junior, Aidan McCauley, enjoys muffins baked by Kaila Evans.

Many students have discovered and complimented Evans' amazing baking skills and talent for it. Mikaela Mello, Junior at Morristown-West, describes, “If happiness was a taste in your mouth.” Another student, Aidan McCauley, says that her muffins were so good that it “cured my acne.” Evans has also baked desserts for her classmates as well as baked muffins for the Breakfast Tailgate at West during Homecoming week. Junior, Luke Davis, describes, “I ate four[muffins] in one sitting because they were so amazing.” Baking is not only one of Evans' hobbies, but also one of her special talents. Aside from baking during her spare time, Evans also enjoys drawing and reading. Evans also shares, “Drawing has really become an outlet since I don't play music much anymore.”

Evans’ plans are to attend “either University of Tennessee or Vanderbuilt[University]”, after graduating high school and she also plans to go into “neurology, but definitely not something that involves surgery.” She also shares the deciding factor for which university she would be attending would “probably be tuition cost after financial aid and scholarships, as well as the quality of the courses offered.”

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