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Hurricanes Overcome Trojans at Freshman Day Game



During school in the West High gymnasium the Trojans faced the East High Hurricanes at the Annual Freshmen day basketball game Jan. 22. The Trojans started off the second quarter by leading the game two points ahead of the Hurricanes with a score of 16-14.

With four minutes left in the second quarter, TJ Allen scored three points bringing the score to 19-14. Ty Steisslinger got two free throws rising the score to 21-20 with Trojans still leading the game. Ending the second quarter, John Statzer scored two points, but the Hurricanes were in the lead with a score of 23-26.

In the beginning of third quarter, Jackson Collins earned four points for the Trojans making the score 27-33. While doing a layup, Steisslinger went down but quickly healed in time for the fourth quarter. Steisslinger scored two points during his layup getting the score to 31-39. With one minute left in the third quarter, Collins scored two point making the score 36-41 with East still leading. As the game ended Isaiah Eddington scored two points with the ending score being 39-50.

Ty Steisslinger nails a free throw.
Ty Steisslinger nails a free throw.

Jackson Collins tries to decide who he should pass the ball to.
Jackson Collins tries to decide who he should pass the ball to.

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