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How Students Can Check Out Library Books

By Oswaldo Guzman

Students who are interested in checking out library books can by electronically reserving a book from the library. The librarians will pull the book and deliver it to the in-person’s homeroom teacher, or email the virtual students and arrange a day and time for them to do a drive by pick-up. All of the books are checked out for two weeks and there is a due date card placed in each book. The in-person students can return the book to the library, or they can place it in the library mailbox in the main office. Students who are online can do a drive by drop-off at their convenience and the checkpoint staff will call the library, and they will let the librarians know that it’s been returned.

The in-person students are also welcome to the library personally to browse for books or return books. Wendy Szatkowski librarian commented, “Students are welcome in the library. If they are coming from a class, they need a purple library pass or note. They will need to wear their mask. If they come between classes, they do not need a pass or note. We are open from 7:30 - 3:20 daily.”. Here is a link where it explains how to electronically reserve a book from the library if students are either in person and online- Electronically Reserving and Checking Out a WH Library Book

Librarian Wendy Szatkowski is helping a student check out a library book

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