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Hidden Heroes Keep Students and Staff Safe

By Andrew Goodman

Custodians, they are West High’s hidden heroes. Working early in the morning and late at night, they keep students and staff safe. Custodians often go unappreciated, but they continue to work hard and help out wherever they can. One of those custodians is June Thompson. Thompson cleans and sanitizes at least 14 classrooms, administrative areas, lower floor bathrooms, stairwells, and assists with many other projects.

Thompson also adds a special touch to her job. She said, “I pray and ask God to watch over each and every one of us and keep us safe. I think that is very important.” Thompson shared that West High is like a family to her. She also shared how the custodians work together and “pick up the slack” if another can’t be there. Thompson stated, “I do anything I can to help.” Construction has been a huge topic at West High, and custodians have definitely been a big part. Thompson said, “When the [Air Conditioning] wall units were removed, we came in and swept and cleaned everything out.” She helped with this and many other projects such as moving furniture from the old administrative offices to the new administrative wing. Thompson lastly added, “I enjoy my job and I love it. I hope and pray we all get back together and all the kids are together and things get back to normal.”

June Thompson, Custodian, in the new administration wing
June Thompson, Custodian, in the new administration wing

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