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February Rain Engulfs Lakeway Area

By Dawson Hunt

According to the National Weather Service, Feb. 5-13, 2020 to Feb. 13, 2020 Morristown, TN received 6.28 in. of precipitation accumulation. However, the average rainfall total for Feb. is 2.84 in.

The lakes in the area have also risen higher than usual. There have been some reports of boat docks going under because owners have not been able to adjust them in time.

Connard McClellan stated, “My truck was in close to a foot of rain.”

Sarah Norrod said, “My basement apartment flooded a little. Luckily it was not as bad this year as in the past.”

The National Weather Service has tons of information on past weather events along with radar loops, the local and national forecast, and safety tips located at

Parts of the West High School parking lot are flooded due to the heavy rain in February.

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