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Farmer Laughs her way to Senior Superlative

They say laughter is the best medicine. If this is the case, Savannah Farmer and Ian Roblero are West High’s remedy. According to this year’s senior class, Farmer and Roblero have the best laugh. Congratulations to Farmer and Roblero for winning this superlative and brightening up the days of their senior peers enough to win their vote.

Farmer’s win was a pleasant surprise, as she states, “Winning best laugh made me very happy. I was honestly not expecting to win, and I was very excited to have received this superlative.” Farmer has been told many times that her laugh stands out. She explains, “Lots of people have told me they like my laugh because it's pretty funny to listen to. It's a very loud and slightly strange laugh.” Farmer’s favorite class is AP Biology, and Mrs. Jamison is her favorite teacher. She further proclaims, “I love learning about the science of what we are made up of.” Along with “...Mrs. Jamison is my favorite teacher because she's an amazing biology teacher and an amazing person to be around.” But when it comes to the most humorous teacher, Farmer reveals, “The funniest teacher would probably be Mr. Hayes because he has a very dry sense of humor and he always made me laugh.” Farmer’s favorite comedian is Kurtis Conner, she states that his humor and jokes always make her laugh heartily. Even when declaring, “I am an easy laugher, so anything can make me laugh,” Farmer expresses that her friends are who can make her laugh the most.

Ian Roblero could not be reached for comment.

Savannah Farmer voted Best Laugh
Savannah Farmer voted Best Laugh

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