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ETSU HOSA field trip

Twenty-four HOSA students attended a field trip to East Tennessee State University Nov. 15. Many schools of East Tennessee attended TN Health Careers Expo.This event consisted of five class rotations which taught career opportunities in the healthcare industry. HOSA members were divided into five groups based on colors. These classes were Quillen College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Clinical & Rehabilitative Health Sciences, College of Public Health, and Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy. Then the day ended with an hour-long lunch and a visit to the Exhibit hall. “Great fun learning experience, with hands-on activities, and opportunities,” commented Adriana Hernandez.

Students holding cadaver organs

One of the classes, Quillen College of Medicine, included three hands-on activities that the students could participate in and learn from. The class included professors and medical students that assisted the students. Madyson Derry implied “I loved every bit of it but my favorite thing was the food and also being able to actually see the human heart, liver, kidney, and lungs.”One of the stations had real organs from cadavers that could be held or touched. “Then the students were able to Intubate and listen to heart and lung sounds on an interactive manikin.” noted Mrs. Skeen

Students also visited Pharmacy, Respiratory, and Nursing. In the Nursing rotation students had the opportunity to put on a pregnancy vest, hold an interactive newborn and a preemie baby. Alyssa Love observed “what she liked most was the class that showed the baby’s and showed us colostomy bags and catheter bags.” Students and teachers received information on programs offered at ETSU as well as given a shirt. Lunch was provided in the dining room where students could eat from a variety of food. Teachers also networked with other teachers. “Overall, it was a pretty good experience to go to a college and learn new opportunities,” indicated Kamora Hunt.

Preemie baby

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