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Dangers of Juuling: Precautions for Adolescents Who Vape

Updated: Oct 2, 2019



     Across America vaping and usage of e-cigarettes has risen a shocking 20.9 percent since 2017. Raising usage is due to the new introduction of the Juul. A Juul is a small USB looking e-cigarette that does not require any adjustment or buttons. The small finger sized vape is super sleek and extremely portable. The real danger is the pods that contain the nicotine. Pods are the interchangeable mouth pieces that hold the liquid that is vaporized through the Juul. Each 5% pod contains as much nicotine as one pack of cigarettes. 

Juul and Mint Pods
Juul and Mint Pods

   Each pod is filled with a liquid substance that contains a mix of glycerol and propylene glycerol, nicotine, benzoic acid, and flavorings. These chemicals are highly dangerous but are confused by the friendly names given. Names like mint, fruit medley, cool cucumber, mango and crème bruela can mask the truth of these pods for anyone. These chemicals can stunt lung growth and cause respiratory problems. 

     The Juul has gained major popularity between teens and young adults. For the simple fact being the size of these e-cigarettes. The 3inch length and the 1\2inch width makes this vape go unnoticed--so unnoticed that teens have taken this problem a step further to using these Juuls in public places even schools. Emory Starcher, Junior, says “Given recent knowledge, I don’t think anyone should be able to Juul or smoke vapor products especially anyone under the age of 18.”   The Juul has created a 68% popularity between teens compared to other methods of smoking. The popular Juul is no brain teaser. This button-less vape only needs to be inhaled to be used, making this easy for new users to get addicted. 

Juuls not only kill your lungs but kill your pockets. A basic kit comes with just one Juul and a charger retailing for almost $35. Sadly, a starter kit including 4 pods and the Juul retail for almost a shocking $50. Pods are not refillable, thus meaning to continue this addiction new pods must be bought. A pack of 4 pods runs a total of $20. 

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