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Creative Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

By Bailey Metcalf

As the year comes to an end, decorating for the holidays is a great way to feel the festive spirit during the season. This year, nothing has been the same. The world has faced more challenges than ever before, and it has been difficult to shift to this new way of living. However, the holiday season can bring joy to the world, as it does every year. It is a great time to give and to be thankful for the people and things that make one happy and feel special. A simple act into stepping into the holiday spirit is decorating homes, workspaces, and even the car that takes people from place to place. These items can range from being homemade, bought at a store, or give the memories of Christmases before. It’s finally time to deck the halls!

O’ Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are the usual traditions of families when it comes to decorating. It is where the presents are stored, the ornaments are hung, and the lights shine brightly. A Christmas tree can range in many different sizes for many different rooms in the house to spread the Christmas cheer from person to person. In the image shown, a small Christmas tree can sit on a dresser, desk, or shelf and serves as a great decoration that can be enjoyed in a bedroom that is not spacious enough for a normal-sized tree. The photo showcased in this section is a photo taken by the author of this article, Bailey Metcalf.

Fairy Lights

Christmas lights, or “fairy lights,” are a perfect way to light up a room for the holidays. These lights can come in many different colors, flash, or do all sorts of things depending on the type of lights that are purchased. Hanging them outside to display to others driving by or just hanging them in a room can make a cozy and festive hue that brings Christmas to life.

Homemade Decorations

For many years, children have brought home the cute decorations that were made in classes just before the holiday break to hang on a Christmas tree or gift to others. Looking back on those same decorations years later brings a special memory to a person when growing up and reminiscing all those years ago. Making decorations does not have to stop at childhood though, as it can be a fun activity for families and friends to make their own decorations to place around their house or gift to others. In the images, There are many different little decorations that were hand made by Sharon Giles, the mother of Bailey Metcalf (author). The materials were purchased from Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Dollar Tree but can be found even at home or other stores not mentioned. The snowman, penguin, and gnome decorations are fuzzy socks filled with rice, decorated with faux fur, rubber bands for shape, pom poms, buttons, and many other combinations.


Painting of Christmas Tree by Bailey Metcalf (author)
Painting by Bailey Metcalf (author)

Painting is not everyone’s strong sort, however, it is a fun activity for the whole family to do with skill or just doing it for fun. Whether it is just painting an ornament, painting a Christmas themed canvas, or a painting done by covering a hand with paint and placing it on a piece of paper, it is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and spend time with family. It is also a great way to be unique just to own something that other families do not have. The example of acrylic painting included in this portion of the article is painted by Bailey Metcalf (author).

Decorations on the Go

Wreath hung on the authors car
Wreath hung on the authors car

Decorating a car is nothing new for the holidays. People wrap Christmas lights around the top of the car on the rails, a Christmas decal of a reindeer or Sant, antlers and a red nose, a wreath, and can buy things to even make the interior look festive. Being creative with just driving around and putting a smile on someone else’s face and shows that the holidays are near. Most items can be found at Walmart for cheap. In the photo showcased in this portion of the article, a wreath can be shown as snow falls down. The photo was taken by Bailey Metcalf (author) on the front of her car.

Happy December and happy decorating! Remember to stay safe for the holidays and stay warm. Make great memories and have the best time decking the halls with family members and friends.

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