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Congratulations to West High’s CTE Instructors!

By Dawson Hunt

Manufacturing Teacher Craig Short presents a PMI certificate to Calaeb Reed.
Manufacturing Teacher Craig Short presents a PMI certificate to Calaeb Reed.

In the 2019-2020 school year, Hamblen County Career and Technical Education (CTE), instructors Richard Hawkins, Engineering, Greg Hardin, Auto Repair, Wes Harbin, Electromechanical, Josh Miller, Welding, Craig Short, Machining, and David Tripucka, Ag. Mechanics ranked first in the state for all high schools for the highest total of PMI certifications awarded. “In addition to that recognition, this team of CTE teachers ranked in the top 15 across the United States including high schools, junior colleges such as WSCC, technical colleges like TCAT Morristown, and all other post-secondary institutions,” Mr Charles Carter, CTE Director, stated.

Gregory Hardin commented, “I had 20 students in the first semester that earned all 6 PMI certifications as the abrupt ending of the school year knocked out second semester certifications. Overall, I had 280 certifications that were earned in my MLR I and II classes. Some students passed only 1 or 2 while others only needed 1or 2 in order to master all 6.”

PMI stands for Precision Measurement Instrumentation. This highly sought after industry certification is available in six different CTE programs of study. Agriculture Mechanics, Engineering, Welding, Machining, Electromechanical, and Auto Repair. Students become proficient using different instruments used in both laboratory & industrial settings to measure weight, torque, force, mass, pressure, dimension, temperature & electronic current. Congratulations to this amazing team of CTE instructors!

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