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Class of 2023 Senior Superlatives: Most Likely to be Late to Graduation

While graduation may be one of the most notable achievements and something students universally can celebrate, not everyone may see it as a big deal. The chosen winners of 2023’s Senior superlative category: Most Likely to be Late to Graduation were Kendall Heskett and James Ayers.

Kendall Heskett & John Statzer
Kendall Heskett during Basketball Homecoming

Senior year is a busy time for most of the senior class. Heskett, the female winner of the Most Likely to be Late to Graduation category is challenging that stereotype by staying active in events and trying her best to enjoy the time left at West High. If she could choose to be late or not show up to graduation she would want to spend that time with family or traveling the world. Her post-graduation plans are laid out at Walter State Community college with a currently undecided major. If time were to stop today, take away every earthly deadline even, she would wish to spend her time exploring the world and what it has to offer. She admits that her time management skills aren’t the greatest, but at least her planned efforts seem promising.

James (Charlie) Ayers
James (Charlie) Ayers before the band's 2022 Winter Concert

Ayers, the male winner of the Most Likely to be Late to Graduation category is currently spending his final semester working at one of the local McDonald’s. Not only that, but he’s actively filling out his recruitment paperwork for the U.S. Army. Unsurprisingly, if he could willingly be late to or miss graduation, Ayers shared that he would be found sleeping. After his graduation, he is hoping to leave Morristown to begin his basic military training. If he were given time away from his worldly responsibilities, he wished to spend it at the gym, lifting weights with his girlfriend Jenna Robinson. He admits that he has decent time management skills, but often blames his ride for being late.

Although the winners lead contrasting lives with starkly vast aspirations, their dreams define their unique personas well. While being remembered by the Class of 2023 as klutzy with their time, their achievements outweigh their seemingly tardy nature. Congratulations to the Most Likely to be Late to Graduation winners. May this year’s graduation serve them well.

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