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ACT Testing, Coming to Classrooms Near You

Benchmark Requirements
Benchmark Requirements

Juniors of the Trojan Nation! An upcoming goal towards your graduation is just upon the horizon! This upcoming March 21st, the junior class will have the opportunity to take their first, fee waived installment of the ACT. Tennessee state law requires all high school juniors to take this test in order to graduate with their diploma. Students will have likely been instructed through creating an online ACT account to keep up with their scores during TNN (homeroom).

Taking the ACT has the chance of offering benefits for students’ futures as well. As early as high school graduation, students can graduate with honors if they meet the following benchmarks within the four tested categories.

  • English - 18

  • Math - 22

  • Reading - 22

  • Science - 23

Not to mention, post-graduation opens the potential for scholarships. If a student earns a composite benchmark score of 21 (along with other eligibility guidelines), they have the potential to receive the Tennessee HOPE scholarship. If those benefits sound promising, there are many ways to make preparations for the upcoming test. Ms. Nicole Owens, who offers an “preparation for the ACT” class students can enroll into, shared “My best piece of test taking advice [is to] not stress yourself out trying to make a perfect score… Instead, strive for hitting the benchmarks… When [changing your thoughts] to “I can miss half the test and still hit benchmarks” [to] “I have to make a perfect score or I failed the test”.”

Alongside this philosophy, students can take initiative into their own hands for studying. Suggested resources include:

  • Owens’ official ACT prep website.

  • The school’s official website resources page, students can navigate the hyperlinks for the low-low price of none.

  • You can email or visit Ms. Owens in room 609 for further ACT-related questions. She is open anytime.

  • An ACT resource bulletin board, located near the front office, is available to take practice tests + answer keys from.

Once test preparation has been said and done, Owens further advises students to arrive on test day early, with breakfast eaten, a full night of rest, confident intuition, and no question left unanswered. To the junior class, Owens' parting message goes as follows: “It doesn’t matter if you plan on attending college or technical school, planning to join the military, or joining the workforce, the ACT can help you achieve your goals. It’s through the ACT that schools offer scholarships and it can help you earn free money after high school. But regardless of how you score on the test, remember that your self-worth isn’t determined by your test score. [Try your best, come prepared, and you will be fine.]”

Trojan Nation's ACT Bulletin Board
Trojan Nation's ACT Bulletin Board

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